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Wipes with a difference

Tougher on dirt and grease, softer and kinder to hands. Only Dirteeze trade wipes are made from a unique non-polypropylene material, delivering better absorbency, a much softer feel and outstanding strength. Request a free sample today and see the difference for yourself.

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The original micro-beaded wipe

Dirteeze were the first company to introduce the unique Rough and Smooth micro-beaded cloth wipes, a superior alternative to scrub wipes. The beads act as an agitator, without scratching. The thicker cloth-like spunlace lifts and absorbs much better. Lift the grime and liquid, don’t push it around!

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  • Wipes with a difference
  • The original micro-beaded wipe

Lead, don't follow

At Dirteeze we prefer to let our wipes do the talking. Many of our competitors will tell you their wipes are the best, and often demonstrate their wipes removing fresh paint or sealant to show how effective they are. What they don't do is tell you that just about any wipe would remove freshly applied paint or sealant!

Dirteeze Trade Wet WipesTypically the wipes they portray as the best, are in fact made from a derivative of plastic called polypropylene, sometimes with the addition of random polyester fibres and called scrub wipes. This material dominates the wipes market and is certainly not the best.

Dirteeze trade wipes are made from spunlace, a material proven to be softer and more absorbent than the polypropylene alternatives. Our wipes are dermatologically tested and contain an anti-bacterial ingredient that kills most known germs. Request a free sample today and see the difference for yourself.

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Anti-Bacterial Trade Wipes
Dermatologically Tested Trade Wipes

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From engineering and production environments, to construction and
automotive markets, for contractors and mobile workers, the Dirteeze range has the answer. Many
competitor products, especially those using polypropylene material, leave your hands feeling sticky. Dirteeze wipes leave
your hands feeling not only cleansed, but soft and moisturised too.

Glass and Plastic Trade Wipes

Glass & Plastic

Pre-moistened so no need for water. The wipes have an anti-smear formulation for less streaks and are ideal for windows, uPVC window frames, mirrors, ceramic tiles, porcelain and linoleum.

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Smooth & Strong

Pre-moistened so no need for water. High drapability for effective cleaning of the smallest cracks and surface imperfections. Extra large wipe size for greater volume wiping.

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Rough and Smooth Trade Wipes

Rough & Smooth

Pre-moistened so no need for water. Heavy duty and dual sided. The micro beaded side agitates grime, then use the smooth side for wiping away. High strength for use on rough surfaces.

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