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Occupational Dermatitis – Are you in the know?

Dirteeze wipes can help combat Occupational Dermatitis. Make sure you are aware of it;

Occupational Dermatitis is a widespread skin condition. It is estimated that over 80,000 have the condition worsened by their work.

The symptoms include itching, cracked skin, swelling, formation of blisters, redness and bleeding from the skin. In extreme cases, these symptoms can be permanent.

Occupational dermatitis occurs when the skin comes into contact with certain irritants and sensitisers which include chemicals – acids and alkalines, organic solvents, adhesives, cements, mineral oils and even certain types of plants. Not only this, the working environment and adverse weather conditions that occur with it, can also lead to Occupation Dermatitis. Changes in temperature can affect the skins ability to protect itself.

Occupations and workplaces commonly affected by the condition include construction workers, agricultural workers, painters and decorators, janitorial workers, healthcare professions, manufacturing, engineering and hairdressers.

With our balanced blend of ingredients, Dirteeze Industrial Wipes leaves hands feeling moisturised without leaving a sticky residue. Our wipes have been skin patch tested with the world leading skin testing authority in Germany. Dirteeze Industrial Wipes were tested on 50 volunteers over 48 hour and 72 hour periods, across healthy, sensitive and atopic (super sensitive) skin and achieved a score of 0 irritation.

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