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Microbeads ban – what you need to know

On the 9th January 2018, the media confirmed the Government’s ban on manufacturing microbeads found in cosmetic and personal care products. With the ban on sales of these products expected to apply from late June, what does this mean for Dirteeze award-winning Rough & Smooth wipes?

The ban relates to micobeads found in “rinse-off” products only, whereby the particles could be washed down the plughole and enter the waterways, resulting in potentially harmful effects to marine life.

Dirteeze innovative spunlace wipes (50% biodegradable) contain embedded microbeads on one side which serve as a powerful agitator giving superb cleaning performance, without the mess associated with hand soaps with scrubbing particles. The beads cannot be removed and the wipes are disposed of in general waste, not flushed therefore there is no risk of entering the waterways. The wipes are also superb for cleaning surfaces, tools and equipment without leaving any residue after wiping. Environmentally they compare favourably with alternative wet wipes found in the market today, which are typically made from 100% polypropylene (plastic).