About Us

At Dirteeze our catchphrase is “Wipes with a difference”, our mantra is “Lead don’t follow”.

Built on passion, Dirteeze offer the best-in-class range of wet wipes and non-woven wipes available anywhere in the market.

Formed in 2007, Dirteeze became part of the Empteezy group of Companies in 2014, with in-house manufacturing and facilities across Scotland, England, Spain, France, Germany and Italy.

Our whole reason for being came about when our founder was decorating at home and bought a well-known brand of wipes from a DIY store, to find out that actually the wipes didn’t work very well; the paint came straight through, they spread liquids around, and they didn’t feel good on your hands. This is where the Dirteeze concept was born….

Originators of the embedded micro-beaded wipe Dirteeze Rough & Smooth, Dirteeze bucked the trend of its competitors with its first range of Trade wipes launched in 2007, all made from spunlace, as opposed to polypropylene plastic.

Dirteeze continue to lead the way, with the introduction of its new Trademate range, made from bamboo fibre, a truly biodegradable and sustainable material, the most environmentally friendly option available to mankind for our everyday wiping needs. Luckily for us, it just so happens that they work better than polypropylene wipes.

The Dirteeze range of non-woven re-usable dry wipers follows the Dirteeze catchphrase “Wipes with a difference”. Innovative wiping materials; colour-coded boxes; unique wiping substrates; wiping solutions; as well as environmentally friendly choices.

Our Dirteeze range is available to distributors in all sectors ranging from Building Trades, DIY, Retail, MRO supplies, Health & Safety, and Industry.

Dirteeze ‘Wipes With A Difference’, Lead Don’t Follow…