Our latest product release is Fighter Wipe, which is a game-changing biodegradable solution coupled with a strong and durable non-woven wipe. This eliminates the need for harmful chemicals that can cause ecological damage and skin irritation, as it uses a very special formulation to blast through dirt and grime.

Dirteeze now available to buy direct in the US

Dirteeze is coming to the US! Following a successful trial, Dirteeze best-selling lines are soon to be stocked in the US so that our North American customers can buy direct from us with no middleman costs. Please contact with your enquiries or any questions.

Keeping your Gym a safe haven with Dirteeze

After a year in which people spent months cooped up in their homes getting minimal exercise and testing out home workouts, now that gyms have re-opened, the fitness industry has seen a significant spike in memberships. Covid-19 has now pushed people to think about health more holistically, showing a move toward maintaining mental and physical […]


Many parks across the UK are busy preparing for an influx of staycations across the UK with eased restrictions in place. It is now more important than ever to ensure your holiday home, which you may sublet, is as clean as possible. Providing a safe and clean property should be one of the highest priorities […]

Dirteeze: Cleaning-up Food Manufacturing

Dirteeze: Cleaning-up Food Manufacturing Cleaning and disinfecting in the food manufacturing industry is a crucial part of the food production cycle. To deliver and guarantee a safe end food product, the task is essential and can be extensive in scale. To carry out an effective and thorough clean, the first step is to understand the […]


During a recent study of 1,000 employees currently working from home, it was discovered that over 60% felt uncomfortable about returning to the workplace. Their top concerns included lack of personal space, along with 40% having worries about cleanliness. Hygiene is clearly at the front of people’s minds more than ever before, and with activities […]


As indoor hospitality is welcomed back with open arms this week, the vast minefield of hygiene and cleanliness and the challenge posed to these establishments has returned. All hospitality organisations must conform to Government regulations, known as the STEP system – brought into law by the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) England Regulations 2021. At the […]

Maintain a Hygienic Home During Coronavirus

A huge portion of the UK’s workers are now working from home to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. Whilst self-isolation and social distancing go a long way to staying safe and healthy, spending the majority of your time in your home means that your domestic surroundings need to be cleaned more often, especially if […]

Our Universal Wipes Keep Everyone Happy

Reflecting our commitment to the perpetual enhancing of our product lines, we recently introduced the Dirteeze Bucket Wipes. Perfect for high-volume cleaning and industrial workshops, these extremely effective cleaning wipes are proving very popular around the UK. The name Universal Wipes wasn’t chosen at random, as each wipe contains a skin-friendly cleaning lotion that brings […]