Dirteeze, the essential wipes for distributors

Become a distributor of Dirteeze trade Wipes

Dirteeze wipes are essential for distributors, re-sellers and wholesalers in the trade sector. As an established brand, Dirteeze, stands out, ensuring consistency and offering the quality your customers deserve!

But why Dirteeze?

The visually striking branding, unique selling points, and commitment to sustainability with our dedicated Dirteeze Bamboo wipes distinguish Dirteeze from its competitors. We also have a UK-based team of experts who provide exceptional technical support and customer service for our existing distributors and any new ones who join the Dirteeze family. 

We actively promote our products through various channels, including social media, trade stands, trade publications, and our website, driving customers to our stockists and boosting your sales.

The fully stocked Yorkshire-based warehouse is well placed to facilitate deliveries throughout the UK promptly. The Dirteeze team eagerly anticipates collaborating with distributors in the trade wipes industry.

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