Keeping your Gym a safe haven with Dirteeze

After a year in which people spent months cooped up in their homes getting minimal exercise and testing out home workouts, now that gyms have re-opened, the fitness industry has seen a significant spike in memberships. Covid-19 has now pushed people to think about health more holistically, showing a move toward maintaining mental and physical health.

It is essential now more than ever to use gym equipment that has been effectively cleaned after each use, as it can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Thankfully, using Dirteeze wipes is an effective way of cleaning the equipment safely and practically.

Cleaning equipment regularly and keeping on top of it means less hard scrubbing later down the line or the need for deep cleaning.

Unlike other solutions, which take longer to achieve the same results as Dirteeze, our robust and highly effective wipes mean a thorough clean can be achieved swiftly, keeping machines and equipment free of bacteria and eliminating the risk of Covid-19 spreading.

Stricter cleaning measures will likely make gym-goers feel more comfortable and safer, resulting in repeat clients, positive word of mouth and a reduced risk of an outbreak.

Our Antiviral Surface Disinfection Wipes are quick-drying, ensuring that the machines and equipment will be safe to use sooner whilst killing almost 100% of bacteria and viruses.

When Dirteeze wipes are readily available and convenient through our range of bucket tubs or flow packs, it takes nothing to ensure your Gym is safe and clean. From this, you can gain the satisfaction that you are eliminating risk and putting the wellbeing of your customers first.

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