Maintain a Hygienic Home During Coronavirus

A huge portion of the UK’s workers are now working from home to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. Whilst self-isolation and social distancing go a long way to staying safe and healthy, spending the majority of your time in your home means that your domestic surroundings need to be cleaned more often, especially if they also host children, pets and people with underlying health conditions.

To help you keep your home sanitary without cutting into work hours, we’ve put together some handy tips for home hygiene. 

Put at least one hour aside each day

Allocating a time slot in your daily diary for cleaning makes keeping on top of the main jobs very easy. Even better, split this time into two sessions – one in the morning and another in the evening. By washing the dishes, vacuuming and cleaning the bathroom regularly, you’ll find that hygiene problems aren’t given a chance to build up, therefore reducing the likelihood of bacteria and the COVID-19 virus spreading throughout your home.

Clean your hands before and after

We’re now all used to cleaning our hands for at least twenty seconds, but it can be easy to forget to do it before and after cleaning the house. The reason for doing this is so that any bacteria or traces of virus on your skin are removed before touching the cleaning products. They are then sanitised again following the touching of a range of household surfaces. This needs to be done even if you use rubber gloves when cleaning the house.

Choosing your products

The disinfectants you use need to be effective, which is why many types of Dirteeze wipes are ideally suited to the job. We recommend the HMAX quat-free range, the hand and surface sanitising range, and the antiviral surface disinfectant range. Due to enormous demand right now, some of these may be temporarily out of stock when you contact us, but our friendly staff are always ready to recommend a suitable alternative.

We will also soon release a brand new type of wipe specially designed to combat COVID-19, so stay tuned for our upcoming announcement.

Focus on high-touch surfaces

High-touch surfaces are those that receive large volumes of contact throughout the day. They include doorknobs, drawer and cupboard handles, light switches, the backs of chairs, the toilet seat, remote controls, kitchen and bathroom taps, the doors on the microwave, fridge and oven, plus many more examples. Even if you live alone, you need to keep on top of these surfaces and ensure that they’re properly sanitised on a regular basis.

Keep your kitchen spotless

Kitchens can quickly become breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses. Even if leftover food hasn’t started to smell, it’s very likely to already be a home for nasty germs that can spread quickly. Make sure to thoroughly wash all crockery and cutlery, clean all cooking equipment and utensils, immediately throw away scrap food and packaging (recycling where possible), and keep the interior of the fridge in top condition.

Don’t forget the bathroom

Due to the nature of bathrooms, it’s easy to think that they’re hygienic as long as they look clean. However, coronavirus can remain on wet surfaces for longer, plus damp towels can gather bacteria rapidly if they’re not straightened out and left to dry. If you have a bathroom bin, also make sure to empty this daily along with other household bins.

Do more laundry

Usually, waiting until you have a full load of laundry before washing it is a good move for the environment because it uses less water. However, coronavirus sticks to fabrics, so as soon as you come inside, it’s time to pop that outfit in the washing machine. It’s a wise move to clean the washing machine with suitable disinfectant more frequently too, as this will prevent the growth of germs.

Seeing how you’re now working from home, it’s also a good idea to clean other fabrics that may not get much attention during the year. These include curtains, cushion covers, small rugs, carpets, blankets, throws, and of course any bedding.

Stay healthy with Dirteeze

The Dirteeze Antiviral Wipes to combat COVID-19 will be released very soon. Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and also get in touch to find your nearest stockist.