Our Universal Wipes Keep Everyone Happy

Reflecting our commitment to the perpetual enhancing of our product lines, we recently introduced the Dirteeze Bucket Wipes. Perfect for high-volume cleaning and industrial workshops, these extremely effective cleaning wipes are proving very popular around the UK.

The name Universal Wipes wasn’t chosen at random, as each wipe contains a skin-friendly cleaning lotion that brings fantastic results to the vast majority of surfaces. This all-rounder is ideally suited to those who want a wipe that can tackle all types of dirt, grime and spills, including paint, sealant, oil, grease and other spills that are otherwise very difficult to shift. By combining the high performance lotion with the robust nature of the Dirteeze wipe, you’ll find that you won’t want to go anywhere without taking this handy bucket with you.

Universal Bucket Wipes can be used across a wide variety of trades, which is why they’re being snapped up by engineers, mechanics, painter/decorators, construction workers, and people from many more professions that require an effective cleaning solution. Having said that, they also come in useful in offices, retail units, restaurants, schools and any other environments where dirt and spills occur – in other words, absolutely everywhere!

Whether you’re always based in one place, visit different sites or are constantly on the road, having a bucket of Universal Wipes within arm’s reach is a very wise choice. Thanks to the bucket’s size, it’s easy to find when stored in a van or utility area, whilst being compact enough to fit easily onto shelves and into cupboards. The result is a go-to wipe that you can keep anywhere from an MOT garage to a busy staff kitchen, which we guarantee you’ll use whenever there’s something that needs cleaning. This could be tools, machinery, equipment, surfaces and even your hands, as our lotion conforms with EC 1223/2009 Cosmetic Directive, making it kind on the skin whilst tough on stains.

On top of this, these wipes are pre-moistened so there’s no need for water, adding to their convenient nature and powerful performance. As you remove one wipe from the bucket, another will cheekily peek out ready for the next time you need one. When you’re done, simply close the lid and the seal will prevent air from entering so that the moisture is effectively retained.

Dirteeze Universal Bucket Wipes have been made with our customers’ needs and feedback at their core. You told us you wanted a truly versatile wipe so we made one specially for you based on our trademark research, development and attention to detail. To discover your nearest stockist, get in touch with our friendly team today.