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If you’re a painter and decorator, you have the exciting job of transforming tired rooms in homes and commercial premises into inviting spaces that reflect unique personalities. Whilst the end result is always perfect, the process involved can create a lot of mess, which needs entirely removing before the job is completed. That’s why our sustainable and highly effective Trademate Bamboo Dry Wipes should always be within arm’s reach.

This product has been made with 80% sustainable bamboo and is 80% biodegradable, making both its origins and its legacy eco-friendly. We discussed specific needs with professionals in the painting and decorating trade during the research and development phase of our dry bamboo wipes, and the overwhelming response was that they need to withstand vigorous application. To accommodate this, we’ve made them stronger than paper and resistant to solvent, making them much stronger than paper and a must-have product.

These handy dry wipes also have a low lint content, ensuring that no bits are left behind. We understand that fibres can spoil the effect of a finished room and create an entirely new job during the clean-up phase, so with Trademate Bamboo Dry Wipes this problem is removed from your working day entirely.

Waste is also a key issue that arises in your trade, as it’s amazing how much can be generated when wiping up drips, spills and residue. But don’t worry, as our dry bamboo wipes have been specially designed to be reusable in nature, working more like a cloth than a wipe. This not only significantly reduces wastage, which is great for the environment and minimises the rubbish that you need to remove from the premises, but also saves you a lot of money in the long run. Whatever you currently spend on cleaning materials, we guarantee that our dry bamboo wipes will cut your costs and improve your profit margins.

By incorporating all of the above features into a single dry wipe, we’ve made it easy for you to leave a customer’s home or business looking better than when you arrived in terms of both tidiness and overall appearance. We’ve made sure to make each sheet of our Trademate Bamboo Dry Wipes large enough to tackle large messes, all while being contained in a compact roll that’s easy to carry around with you.

You may also be interested in our Trademate Bamboo Wet Wipes, made of 100% sustainable bamboo and perfect for removing water-based paints, oil, grease and grime from your tools and equipment. They’re cosmetic approved, with zero recorded irritation on all skin types, making them ideal for cleaning your hands between and after tasks

When you choose our bamboo range, you can enjoy the peace of mind that every wipe is made from sustainable bamboo, removing the need for plastic or softwood and hardwood trees. This prevents deforestation and the use of fossil fuels and oil reserves, so you’ll be doing your bit for the future of the planet.

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