During a recent study of 1,000 employees currently working from home, it was discovered that over 60% felt uncomfortable about returning to the workplace. Their top concerns included lack of personal space, along with 40% having worries about cleanliness.

Hygiene is clearly at the front of people’s minds more than ever before, and with activities such as making drinks, sharing drinks, meeting rooms and toilets ahead, the concerns are understandable.

As an employer, it is essential to ensure employees are supported in making the return to the office and that cleaning is a top priority.

Seven out of ten of the people surveyed said they would only feel comfortable with strict cleaning rules in place. What can you do to ensure your employees are supported?

Dirteeze is offering the following advice for employers to keep their employees not only safe and protected but at ease with returning to the office environment.

  • Hand sanitiser – Hand sanitiser should be available in pumps around the building and meet professional medical standards. Alcohol hand sanitising gel should be a minimum of 70% alcohol and tested to bacterial and fungicidal medical-grade medical grade. Using a professional solution in a range of sizes and smaller container for personal use is advised. We also recommend using a solution with skin-care additives to protect from the rigorous cleaning routine and office environment. You can view our Alcohol gel sanitising solutions on our website.
  • Daily cleaning of desks and shared areas – It is vital to implement a rigorous cleaning schedule to ensure shared areas and surfaces such as kitchens, fridges, door handles and desks are thoroughly cleaned daily. It is critical to use cleaning solutions for food preparation surfaces are handled by a safe cleaning solution. A suitable QUAT free product that is food safe should be used in kitchen areas meeting all EU regulations. A second Antiviral product should be used for other surface areas around the building that is suitable for disinfecting and destroying viruses and bacteria from hard surfaces.
  • Self-cleaning solutions – enabling your employees to self-clean their desks and workspace offers reassurance and protection. Many businesses we have worked with have opted to supply individual flowpacks of wipes and small bottles of alcohol gel to their workforce or have utilised large value buckets, placing around office spaces enabling employees to clean before arriving and after leaving. Care should be taken around telephones, keyboards, screens, and chairs. The same principles can be applied to meeting rooms and shared toilet facilities for extra protection.

Dirteeze offers a comprehensive range of solutions for keeping your office safe. Download our catalogue on the Dirteeze website and get in touch with further questions or if you need assistance.