Want a Sustainable Cleaning Wipe? Go Bamboo!

We’re very excited to say that following a comprehensive research and development phase and a successful launch, our new bamboo wipes are proving very popular.

Having supplied a range of wipes via our network of distributors and wholesalers for many years, we got into multiple conversations about sustainability. We’ve always been passionate about making products as environmentally friendly as possible and fighting plastic pollution, which is why the original Dirteeze range from 2007 uses spunlace as its base fabric, which is 50-70% biodegradable. However, we believed that we could do better, which is why we introduced our biodegradable and sustainable bamboo range.

These fantastic wipes are made from bamboo fibres and really pack a punch. Due to bamboo growing at an astonishing rate (up to two feet a day), by the time the crop is harvested a new one has taken its place. The result is a wipe that uses no trees, plastic, fossil fuels or oil reserves, just entirely sustainable bamboo. Those pandas clearly had the right idea all along!

The beauty of our bamboo wet wipes, aside from their 100% biodegradable properties, is that they actually outperform polypropylene (plastic) wet wipes. They make short work of lifting grime and then absorb it immediately, making them perfect for using on everything from tools and machinery, to the vast majority of workplace surfaces. So if you work in an environment where substances such as oil, grease, adhesive, ink, water-based paint, semi-cured silicone sealant or decorators caulk regularly cause a mess, our bamboo wet wipes will clean it up quickly and easily.

As you would expect from a product that’s kind to the planet, we’ve also made sure that these wipes are cosmetic approved, with zero recorded irritation on all skin types. This means that you can even use them to clean your hands after a hard day’s graft, making them perfect for engineers, construction staff and mobile workers.

Meanwhile, our bamboo dry wipes are stronger than paper and work more like a reusable cloth, which generates a lot less waste. Made with 80% eco-friendly bamboo fibre and designed to not leave any lint behind, they’re ideal for trade workers, mechanics, decorators and anyone based in a workshop. And yep, don’t worry, we’ve made them so that they’re resistant to solvent and able to tackle even the most stubborn oils, so we’re sure they’ll soon become your go-to wipe.

Everyone at Dirteeze is very proud of this fantastic new range of bamboo wipes, especially because our Director, Rob, dedicated a lot of time to visiting China to see the bamboo forest and make sure that its cultivation is in line with our environmental policy. We’re confident that you’ll fall in love with them too, so get in touch to find your nearest stockist and go bamboo!