Heavy Duty MAX110 Industrial Wiper

Dirteeze Code MAX110B160 Pop-up Box / MAX110R475 Jumbo Roll

A premium grade wiper with re-usable properties, for rugged surface wiping, working with solvents and clean-up of heavier fluid spills, particularly suitable within engineering workshops, manufacturing sector, garages and with mobile workers.

Maximum strength industrial wipe graphic


  • Premium quality MAX110 110gsm non woven wiper
  • Ultra high water and oil absorbency
  • Ultra high tensile and abrasion resistance
  • Re-usable properties
  • Leaves no lint after wiping


  • Rugged surface wiping including metal shavings
  • Working with solvents
  • Where higher wet strength is required
  • Engineering workshops, garages, manufacturing, mobile workers
  • Clean-up of heavier spills and liquids
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