Maintain a Hygienic Home During Coronavirus

A huge portion of the UK’s workers are now working from home to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. Whilst self-isolation and social distancing go a long way to staying safe and healthy, spending the majority of your time in your home means that your domestic surroundings need to be cleaned more often, especially if […]

Our Universal Wipes Keep Everyone Happy

Reflecting our commitment to the perpetual enhancing of our product lines, we recently introduced the Dirteeze Bucket Wipes. Perfect for high-volume cleaning and industrial workshops, these extremely effective cleaning wipes are proving very popular around the UK. The name Universal Wipes wasn’t chosen at random, as each wipe contains a skin-friendly cleaning lotion that brings […]

Beat the Bugs with Dirteeze

It’s that time of year when germs and bacteria are absolutely everywhere, causing large numbers of workers to take time off sick and costing businesses a pretty penny in lost income. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of benefits that Dirteeze wipes will bring to your company’s levels of hygiene and wellbeing. […]

Want a Sustainable Cleaning Wipe? Go Bamboo!

We’re very excited to say that following a comprehensive research and development phase and a successful launch, our new bamboo wipes are proving very popular. Having supplied a range of wipes via our network of distributors and wholesalers for many years, we got into multiple conversations about sustainability. We’ve always been passionate about making products […]

How to Maintain a Hygienic Catering Environment

The catering industry is one of the most demanding environments in existence when it comes to consistent hygiene. With our Surface Sanitising Wipes proving so popular with restaurants, cafés, bars and site-based catering facilities around the UK, we’ve put together some tips on how to maintain top hygiene levels throughout your premises. Avoiding cross-contamination The […]

Welcome to Our New Website

At Dirteeze our mantra is “Lead don’t follow”, so we decided that it was time to give our website a thorough overhaul and get our digital channels in line with our mission and values. With every product in our wide range undergoing meticulous design and development before being released into the market, the same has […]