Maintain a Hygienic Home During Coronavirus

A huge portion of the UK’s workers are now working from home to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. Whilst self-isolation and social distancing go a long way to staying safe and healthy, spending the majority of your time in your home means that your domestic surroundings need to be cleaned more often, especially if […]

Our Universal Wipes Keep Everyone Happy

Reflecting our commitment to the perpetual enhancing of our product lines, we recently introduced the Dirteeze Bucket Wipes. Perfect for high-volume cleaning and industrial workshops, these extremely effective cleaning wipes are proving very popular around the UK. The name Universal Wipes wasn’t chosen at random, as each wipe contains a skin-friendly cleaning lotion that brings […]

Keeping Workers Safe from Weil’s Disease

The global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has made everyone more aware of the importance of hygiene. From thoroughly washing your hands and using hand sanitiser, to refraining from touching your face and being careful in public settings, there’s a lot to take in. Since the day our company was founded, we’ve been dedicated to investing time, […]